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The anti-dust foil door is an effective way to conduct a renovation in a clean way, without polluting all interiors. It provides communication between the renovated interior and other rooms, but dust and dirt are in the renovated room only – this is guaranteed by foil tightly adhered to the door. A convenient two-way zipper in the shape of the letter C ensures efficient communication between rooms.

For each 3 pieces including fixing tape.

High quality and durability

The doors are made in Poland and are made ​​of durable, thick and transparent 1st grade film with universal dimensions (120 cm in width X 230 cm in height), which makes them a reusable product. A permanently sewn zipper. Guaranteed solidity. Buy once, use repeatedly! Keep your renovated rooms in order!

Additionally: In case of a larger hole to be secured, there is a possibility of ordering additional lobe of only the foil. After connecting it with the right part of the foil door using a two-sided tape the whole foil creates a larger protective area.

Low price – only euro 6,5 net

Our door is a Polish product, which is sold directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, the price is only euro 6,5 net + shipping costs (e.g. courier company). Do you know how much does a similar door requiring complete installation cost in supermarkets? Approx. euro 12 + installation time: you get the film separately and the duck tape separately. Make your own door. Here you get a finished product to which you need only two-sided tape.

Orders over 10 pieces – individual pricing depends on the quantity and frequency of orders.
Delivery by post or courier from Euro 1 / piece.

Thousands of customers have already tried our product and… cannot imagine renovation without it!

Check it yourself! (all opinions from customers on Allegro)

  • quote
    The door protects against dust very well. I survived my repair thanks to it;) I recommend it!
  • quote
    Decent thick foil. The transaction was successful. I recommend it.
  • quote
    The first ordered door met the expectations, which is why I came back to purchase the next :) a great product when living in constant renovation;) RECOMMENDED
  • quote
    The anti-dust foil door is great! I am very surprised that the door does the job. Mega positive :-)
  • quote
    An excellent seller, the goods were in accordance with the order. The doors has been successful in 100%. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to carry out repairs :) After the repair the door was suitable for the next repair, and the next... A great seller :) thanks for a free bonus :)

More reviews can be found on the manufacturer’s website

The sound of a closed zipper and…

say goodbye to repair dirt!

A proven product

Three years of continuous production and rising sales.

Instant delivery

Timely and efficient order execution.

Direct sales

No middlemen, no additional costs.

Price elasticity

Purchase often and… negotiate!

Simple solutions are the best. Reach for them!

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Only euro 6,5 + VAT
+ shipping

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